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Lastest news about electric heating elements

Electric Heating Elements for Immersion with Coupling Plug - Replaceable heating elements in a 2" threaded stainless steel sheath

Electricfor, an electric heating elements specialist, presents new features in the present year edition of its heating elements catalogue. Among them, the replaceable heating elements in a 2" threaded stainless steel sheath, which are available in several models depending on power and weight.

These are alloy tubular elements in AISI 321 stainless steel of 8mm that include a 2"sheath, also...

Industrial Cast-in Circulation Heaters

Electricfor, an electric heating elements specialist for more than 92 years, adds to its catalogue a new product, the industrial cast-in circulation heaters for ATEX/IECEx hazardous areas and non-ATEX version.

The heating cast-in technology developed in these heaters provides a complete, reliable and accurate solution for those processes that require heating gases or liquids.


Boron Nitride Heaters - High-performance electric heating elements for the XXIst century

Electricfor’s catalogue of heating elements incorporates a new boron nitride heater model specially designed for the adaptation of industry to the 21st century regarding productivity, energy savings, environment protection and cost reduction.

Thanks to boron nitride heaters, heat applications maximise and users get several advantages and benefits, all of them coming mostly from the industrial sector.

New range of aluminium radiators with an electric heating element

Electricfor presents a new range of radiators formed by an electric stainless steel heating element.

In its effort to design new products that meet the needs of its customers, Electricfor incorporates a full range of thermoelectric aluminium emitters, with a safe heating system and the most efficient in the sector for its easy use.


New mobile air heater with an electric heating element

Electricfor designs a new mobile air heater model with an electric heating element.

Inside of the range of electric heaters designed by Electricfor, a portable and electric air heater totally compact and easy to handle has been incorporated. It is also...