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Lastest news about electric heating elements

New range of aluminium radiators with an electric heating element

Electricfor presents a new range of radiators formed by an electric stainless steel heating element.

In its effort to design new products that meet the needs of its customers, Electricfor incorporates a full range of thermoelectric aluminium emitters, with a safe heating system and the most efficient in the sector for its easy use.


New mobile air heater with an electric heating element

Electricfor designs a new mobile air heater model with an electric heating element.

Inside of the range of electric heaters designed by Electricfor, a portable and electric air heater totally compact and easy to handle has been incorporated. It is also...

Clamp-Type Electric Heating Elements

Electricfor, a manufacturer of electric heating elements for more than 92 years, provides its customers with the clamp-type electric heating elements.

Such electric heating elements are applied in the polymer industry as well as in injection moulding and plastic extrusion machines. This type of electric heating elements are custom designed and can have different finishing touches, such as connecting...

New image for Electricfor's website, a Specialist in Electric Heating Elements

Electricfor, a specialist in electric heating elements with an experience of over 92 years in the sector, shows a new image on its corporate website.

With a sharper appearance and a more ordered structure, the new version adapts to the new trends in responsive web design and presents its product catalogue in a more accessible and orderly manner. There is also a rearrangement of...

Electricfor's Presence at Innotrans with its Electric Heating Elements

Between September 20 and 23, the international fair InnoTrans is held in Berlin featuring the presence of Electricfor (specialist in the design and manufacture of electric heating elements) which exposes its range of electric heaters for train's air conditioning.

The Innotrans International Fair is held every two years and is a meeting point for international experts in foreign trade and freight....