Electric Heating Elements for Infrared Emitters (08/06/2017)

Electricfor, with 100 years of experience in the electric heating elements sector, designs and manufactures IRCM and IRCC medium and shortwave IRC emitters depending on the type of tungsten filament used in each case.

These infrared emitters are particularly suitable for short-term systems as both the cooling and the heating process take place in a short time.

The choice of medium or short wave will depend on the absorption capacity of the material, the heating needs of the material, the speed at which the process is produced and the type of application for it. Regarding this last detail, among the most common applications, we find processes such as cooking, sterilisation or dehydration. In the industrial field, the infrared emitters are applied in the paper industry, the food industry or in textiles, among others.

Among its main advantages, they only need a small space of the facilities to carry out their process efficiently or, thanks to a precise regulation, the energy saving is very considerable.

For further information about the infrared emitters and Electricfor's different available models, you can check the following link:

Electric Heating Elements for Infrared Emitters