Electric Heating Elements for Electric Boilers (12/07/2017)

Among the extensive range of electric heating elements found in the Electricfor catalogue, we find those relating to electric boilers which, among many other qualities, have the following characteristics:

  • The built-in element, composed of 8mm nickel plated copper shielded tubular elements, is insulated with electro fused magnesium oxide.
  • They are supplied with stainless steel or copper-plated steel double-plate plates. At the customer's request, it can be supplied with other types of plates.
  • Its welds are of silver alloy.
  • They contain M4 terminals in a stainless material.

Moreover, it is possible to manufacture them in stainless steel pipes in case they are to be installed in systems with hard, acid or alkaline waters.

Among their applications, aside from the electric boilers, they can also be installed in auxiliary circuits for running water or for bathrooms and swimming pools.

For further information about electric heating elements for electric boilers, do not hesitate to contact Electricfor's sales department.

Electric Heating Elements for Electric Boilers