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What are spiral electric heating elements?

Spiral electric heating elements consist of cylindrical spirals formed by one or two resistive wires of suitable alloy depending on the application.

Its main features include the inclusion of a nickel-chrome alloy wire heating element and a normalized tension of -230 V.

The usual applications are: industrial dryers, air heaters, stoves, etc.

Moreover, and according to the alloy wire they contain, we can distinguish three types of models:

  • M models, with a 20-5 quality and mainly intended for stoves.
  • MS models, with a 80-20 quality and useful for all applications.
  • MC models, with a 20-5 quality and used in quartz and infrared tubes.

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Spiral Electrci Heating Elements, M modelsSpiral Electrci Heating Elements, M models
Spiral Electric Heating Elements, MC modelsSpiral Electric Heating Elements, MC models
Spiral Electric Heating Elements, MS modelsSpiral Electric Heating Elements, MS models