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Batteries with Electric Heating Elements for Air Conditioning (31/08/2017)

Electricfor's experience in the design and manufacture of electric heating elements allows it to serve many sectors among which we also highlight the air conditioners one.

Specifically, electric batteries are manufactured with heating elements of various types and ranges, and about which we provide some details below:

-    "R" type electric batteries of the BRP and BRG ranges, with galvanised and stainless steel chassis (on request). Its maximum application temperature at air outlet is 60°C, and they also have an integrated protection thermostat of 60 or 90 degrees.
-    Mini Sopor electric batteries from the BSMC and MNS ranges, with a connection cable of 500mm that includes a ground connection and that can work in speeds of a minimum of 2.5 m/sec. They work with a standard voltage of 230V.
-    ST-range electric batteries have a blind cover on the bottom and an integrated thermostat with temperatures that can reach 75 and 92 degrees respectively.
-    BAT unit electric batteries, in this type of batteries it is possible to couple three modules and combine them in a double or triple way to reach a power of 120 kW.
-    SOPOR unit and SOPOR reinforced unit for electric batteries, both the frame and the cover and the separators are made of galvanised Fe sheet (although they can also be of stainless steel). Its heating elements are supported by soapstone passages.

Should you like to receive more information about electric batteries for air conditioning, you can check the following link:

Batteries with Electric Heating Elements for Air Conditioning