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Electronic Thermostat against Legionella (21/09/2017)

Within the extensive range of products related to electric heating elements designed and manufactured by Electricfor, we find those concerning control and regulation. Most of these respond to the company's commitment to the design and manufacture of electric elements that can fulfil a particular function in today's society. Among them, and directly related to the field of health, we find the so-called electronic thermostat against Legionella.

As indicated by its name, this type of thermostat is mainly used to ensure a correct sterilisation of the ducts in which circulates and accumulates clean air or hot water.

With an automatic way of acting that operates through time cycles expressly selected and programmed by the user, the thermostat performs periodic type cleanings through a system that consists in increasing the temperature of the installation at a particular time.

Among its most common applications, we find housing buildings, laundries or public centres of vast audience such as gyms, schools, offices, hospitals, hotels, etc.

For further information about the electronic thermostat against Legionella and/or budget request, you can contact with Electricfor's sales department.

Electronic Thermostat against Legionella