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Electric Heating Elements in Industrial Heating: Hot Air Curtains (09/10/2017)

The products designed and manufactured by Electricfor offer solutions for all types of customers: to those belonging to more industrial sectors but also for those that own shops with customers' influx.

For the latter, and considering the coming winter months, Electricfor's electric heating elements are present in hot air curtains that can be installed right at the entrance of shops without doors and that ease the access of customers.

Although keeping open doors in a commercial space can mean a significant energy waste, opting for an air curtain can help reduce that energy loss, if we take into account both its installation and its position, which for doors up to 3.5 meters high, the savings can reach 90 %.

Also, and apart from this, the hot air curtains improve the salubrity of the environment and create an effective barrier preventing the penetration of cold air coming from the outside.

You can find all the general features of Electricfor air curtains and the different types of models in the following link:

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Electric Heating Elements in Industrial Heating: Hot Air Curtains