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New Season for the Industrial Heating Range: Air Heaters and Infrared Equipment (15/11/2017)

With the arrival of the winter months, the electric heating elements of Electricfor are prepared to provide service, as every year, to the industrial sector through its extensive range of air heaters and infrared equipment.

Electric Air Heaters

The primary objective of an industrial air heater is the air heating in enclosed spaces or specific areas up to a temperature of 40 °C.

Industrial air heaters generate hot air through fans in which a heating element such as an electric heating element is found. Usually, such air heaters have a thermostat ready to measure the air temperature, which allows the heating elements to be automatically disconnected when they detect the air has reached the optimum temperature.

Its use is mainly indicated in warehouses, offices, churches or farms, among many other places.

Among the models offered by Electricfor to its customers, we can highlight:

-    The GAP mobile air heater
-    Electric air heaters for multiple uses: mobile or wall
-    Wall mounted electric air heaters with fixed installation at a high level

Infrared equipment

The infrared radiation equipment of Electricfor is characterised by a heating energy transferred quickly, it supposes a minimum thermal inertia, a precise regulation and an important energy saving.

Among its typical applications are cooking, thawing or sterilisation, among many others; while in the most industrial level, which is the one that occupies us in this case, such equipment is used in the industry of plastic, food or ceramics.

Within them we find:

-    The screens with infrared emitters to heat high-rise premises or restricted areas and,

-    Infrared radiation electric heaters, which heat only the necessary areas.

It is also worth noting the range of infrared wall with ATEX certification. They have a parabolic reflector designed for maximum radiation output and are entirely water resistant.

For further information and a budget request for industrial air heaters and infrared equipment, do not hesitate to contact Electricfor's sales department.

New Season for the Industrial Heating Range: Air Heaters and Infrared Equipment