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Fan Heaters with Self-Regulating Electric Heating Elements (21/12/2017)

Variable temperature atmospheres require the use of products capable of maintaining a constant operating climate. To this end, Electricfor offers its customers the so-called PTC fan heaters and self-regulating electric heating elements.

These fan heaters are highly useful for achieving an adequate and stable environment, which is essential for optimum working efficiency. They also offer a wide range to ensure the coverage of virtually all its applications, with innovations such as the Smartcon® cable or flexible mounting systems that allow the fan heaters to be adapted to the individual needs of each customer.

General characteristics and fan heaters models

The fan heaters designed and manufactured by Electricfor are high quality and entirely compact. They are also ready to be attached to rails and have protective grilles integrated into a single assembly next to the fan, which can be used independently for air circulation, heater and power cable.

The size/power ratio is excellent.

Finally, Electricfor offers its customers two types of fan heaters:

-    The HKL 25 models
-    The HKL 40 models

For more information about the specific characteristics of fan heaters, please contact the Electricfor sales department.

Fan Heaters with Self-Regulating Electric Heating Elements