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Electric Heating Elements in Heaters for Aggressive Liquids (14/12/2017)

The aggressiveness of certain liquids requires the design of electric heating elements capable of withstanding such degrees of abrasion and even high temperatures. For this primary purpose, Electricfor manufactures heaters in titanium, Incoloy®-825 or Aisi 316L tubes in various sizes and powers, as well as heaters coated with Teflon® or other quality coatings.

Characteristics of PTFE coated heaters

This type of elements coated with polytetrafluoropolymers (PTFE) is specially designed for heating a wide variety of corrosive liquids, except hydrofluoric acid.

Consequently, depending on the sector to which the customer belongs, the choice of one type of element or another (mainly in terms of size and power) may be related to the working conditions, the recommendations of the manufacturer of the corrosive material with which the element comes into contact or according to the results of a preliminary test. All these factors will be decisive when measuring the effectiveness of the coating.

For more information about electric heating elements in aggressive liquid heaters, please contact the Electricfor sales department.

Electric Heating Elements in Heaters for Aggressive Liquids