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Safety Valves for Steam, Gases and Liquids (22/02/2018)

Electricfor, a specialist in the design and manufacture of electrical heating elements, includes one in its product section devoted to the control and regulation of temperature in various fields of action.

One of them is, for example, a fluid system where the control and regulation of it is essential to avoid mechanical damage to equipment and the environment, a loss of product and production, damage to the environment or even damage to personnel responsible for handling it.

At present, health and safety regulations require the inclusion of safety devices and the necessary precautions to avoid dangerous conditions. This is why the presence of a safety valve is essential in an overpressure situation.

What are safety valves?

The main function of a safety valve is to protect against excess pressure through a wide range of industrial processes such as sealing, saturated steam or threaded couplings or flanges.

What are the advantages for the user?

With the use of safety valves the user can ensure a working environment with efficient and continuous production. In addition to being suitable for a wide range of fluids, they are also an integral solution for process plant applications and offer a guarantee of quality and reliability.

Dimensions and custom selection

The customer, together with our consulting and design team, can select the most suitable valve type according to his needs, flow rates and tare pressure to determine its size.

In this case, there are capacity tables that help in this task, although if they are not available, the required effective area should be calculated on the ground and, in general, a higher effective area should be chosen.

For more information about safety valves for steam, gases and liquids, please contact the Electricfor sales department.

Safety Valves for Steam, Gases and Liquids