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Electricfor Participates in an Abengoa Project for CIP Tanks (23/03/2018)

Within the set of applications of electric heating elements designed and manufactured by Electricfor, we find one destined to the generation of energy from primary energy (renewable and non-renewable), as well as to water treatment.

Especially for this sector, Electricfor is participating in a project promoted by the Spanish company Abengoa and the Italian company Fisia Italimplant (both are part of a joint venture), which is located in the desalination plant Shuaibah III - 110 km south of Jeddah, in Saudi Arabia.

Electricfor's contribution to the project consists of the installation of 4 elements of the GCB-N heating unit for the optimum heating of cleaning solutions in CIP tanks.

What are CIP tanks?

The acronym CIP stands for 'Cleaning in Place', which refers to a type of cleaning whose main purpose is not to dismantle any element that is part of another - in this case a tank - and to carry out its cleaning through a water circuit and the dissolution of hot chemicals through the same tank or a pipe.

The physical, chemical and bacteriological action of these products eliminates the remains of dirt and microorganisms present on surfaces. Consequently, the task of a CIP cleaning unit consists in the preparation of cleaning emulsions with a suitable concentration and temperature, and in the programming of the various cycles required for the washing of all the elements that are part of the desalination plant; it also has control over such important variables as temperature, flow rate and/or pressure.

Main features of a GCB-N heater unit and project details

It is an element made up of 24 "U" shaped rods inserted into a 12.5 mm Super Austenitic 254SMO alloy tube and supplied mounted on an ANSI AISI 316L stainless steel flange.

The group also has a stainless steel AISI 316L connection box with IP-65 protection against humidity.

In this case, the four elements of the heating unit will be delivered in separate plates in AISI 316L stainless steel to avoid contact between the electric heating elements, as they will be evenly distributed over their entire length.

Within the CIP tanks, the electric heating elements that are part of these heating elements will be able to heat the cleaning solutions to a temperature of 200°C.

With this project, Electricfor once again demonstrates its ability to serve customers in a wide range of sectors and to adapt to the special characteristics of each of the projects entrusted to it.

Electricfor Participates in an Abengoa Project for CIP Tanks