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Electricfor Electric Heating Elements Awarded in a TEDAGUA Project (28/01/2019)

Power generation and water treatment is one of the applications that Electricfor electric heating elements can perform in large projects.

Recently, one of these projects carried out by TEDAGUA, a member of the COBRA GROUP (ACS), was awarded for the design, construction and five-year operation of a desalination plant, a transfer line and a drinking water tank in Djibouti for ONEAD, the national water company of this African country.

Electricfor's Contribution to the Project

Such desalination plant, which has a capacity of 22,500 m3 per day, has benefited from the contribution of two flanged heating units by Electricfor. These are made up of numerous U-shaped rods inside an alloy tube mounted on an ANSI flange.

Both units also feature a stainless steel connection box specially designed for resistance in humid environments. In addition, separating plates are responsible for the contact between resistances thanks to their uniform distribution throughout the body.

TEDAGUA's projects, which are also awarded for their efficiency, once again demonstrate Electricfor's potential in the design and manufacture of electrical heating elements. For this reason, and due to its hundred-year experience within this sector, many companies rely on its contribution to large projects.

Electricfor Electric Heating Elements Awarded in a TEDAGUA Project