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Aluminium Cast Electric Heating Elements (29/05/2019)

One of the least known applications of Electricfor's Electric Heating Elements, which is directly related to ATEX certification in explosive environments, is plastic injection.

Higher heat dissipation

In this case we are talking about aluminium casted heating elements that ease heat transmission and allow a higher load per cm², as they have a better heat dissipation. Optionally, these heating elements, which are specially designed for explosive environments and therefore ATEX-certified, can be equipped with cooling tubes symmetrically arranged inside the heating element to provide uniform cooling throughout the entire cast body.

Design Options

Regarding their design options, the shapes can vary and be totally customized according to the needs of each project. The L-shaped design shown in the attached photo is normally used in square and rectangular extrusion moulds.

In addition, clamps can be designed with external fins for faster cooling.

Other applications

Other common applications for ATEX heaters casted in aluminium are:

-    Amine gasifiers.
-    Plastic extruders.
-    Sealing machines.
-    Chemical processes.

For further information about the application of this type of ATEX-certified electric heating elements, please do not hesitate to contact Electricfor's sales department.