Lastest news about electric heating elements

6th edition of the Specialized Exhibition of Oil, Gas & Petrochemical of Bushehr with the Presence of Electricfor's Electric Heating Elements

The sixth edition of the Specialized Exhibition of Oil, Gas & Petrochemical was held on January 2  in the province of Bushehr (Iran). Electricfor was present together...

Self-regulating Electric Heating Elements

The self-regulating electric heating elements by Electricfor, manufacturer of heating elements and heating equipment, are based on PTC heating elements.

Flexible Electric Heating Elements

Electricfor presents its customers flexible electric heating elements, designed and produced to be applied to many different fields.

Electric Heating elements for Air Heaters

Electricfor, with a large experience of 92 years manufacturing electric heating elements, offers its customers its heating elements for air heaters that can be directly...

Electric Heating Elements of Inmersion

Electricfor, designer and producer of electric heating elements and maintenance equipment, with a market experience of over 92 years, continues promoting and improving the design of its...