Electricfor launches an ozone destroyer electrical heating element capable of working at 500ēC (28/11/2019)

Heating elements manufacturer Electricfor has just designed a new flow heater as a thermal ozone destroyer which working temperature is 500ēC. The electric resistor directly heats ozone when it comes in contact with it so that environmental and atomic oxygen is created again.

GCB flow heaters always have a heating group placed on a tubular steel or stainless steel body. In this type of immersion heater resistors the fluid in contact which temperature is to be increased circulates inside, directed by the baffles that are in between. This way there is more control of the process temperature and maximum energy efficiency is achieved. In the case of the ozone destroyer manufactured by Electricfor, it incorporates a high temperature sensor regulated by a controller. Its electric heating element is an Incoloy 800 type, a nickel-chromium alloy used to keep a structure stable during a long exposure to high temperatures. Due to its effectiveness against oxidation and carbonization, it is used in applications exposed to corrosive environments.

The vessel of the new heater is made of stainless steel AIS304, also selected for its good behavior against corrosion and high temperatures. Its mechanical properties and its low carbon content are two of the reasons why it is frequently used in welding applications. It also has silica fiber insulation and AISI304 IP 42 junction boxes.

The Technical Department of Electricfor designs and manufactures electric heating resistors always looking for the best solution to the needs of each installation. The combination of efficiency, consumption and control is what defines both its standard and custom-made products over more than a hundred years. If you require any further information, please feel free to contact us.

Electricfor launches an ozone destroyer electrical heating element capable of working at 500ēC