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Heating elements for applications in the wind power industry, among Electricfor's specialties (26/05/2020)

Many of the most outstanding applications of the electric heating elements that Electricfor has been manufacturing in recent years belong to the wind power industry. We design them to provide the amount of heat necessary for the optimal operation of the wind turbines that generate electric energy.

Wind power is one of the four types of renewable energy in which our company Works, together with solar thermal power, combined cycle power for heating vapour or water equipments, and the generated power as the result of an ignition process with Biomass. Due to its profitability, its efficiency and its reliability, many voices maintain today that it will become the largest renewable energy source in the medium term.

Our heating elements have several functions when it comes to this type of energy. On the one hand, they are essential for the maintenance of lubricating oil in gearboxes. It is within these gearboxes where the movement of the low speed shaft caused by the blades is amplified, increasing the rotational speed of the rotor about 50 times and then converting that mechanical energy into electrical energy through the generator.

Our electric elements are also responsible for carrying out the environmental heating inside the cabins called nacelles. Inside these, as we have already said, are located the low and high speed axles, the multiplier and the current generator, but also the cooling unit, the electronic controller, the brake, the anemometer and the vane.

Finally, they are used in the repair and production of the blades, as well as in the temperature maintenance function in hydraulic systems.

For further information about the manufacture of electric heating resistors in the wind industry and the applied design standards, do not hesitate to contact Electricfor.

Heating elements for applications in the wind power industry, among Electricfor's specialties