Electricfor supports sustainability by giving a twist to its electricity consumption (04/05/2022)

As a manufacturer of electrical heating elements, Electricfor knows how important the role of industry is when it comes to consuming energy in a responsible way. For this reason, we have decided to give a twist to the electricity supply of our facilities in Rubí (Barcelona) and support sustainability. We have installed 226 photovoltaic panels on the roof of our headquarters. As a result, we will reduce our carbon footprint considerably from now on.


The electricity obtained through photovoltaic modules is giving nowadays much better results than the one obtained through thermal solar panels. That's why industrial equipment with electrical heating elements powered exclusively by photovoltaic solar energy is on the rise, for example. The energy from a photovoltaic origin is a solution that can save up to 30% in the business sector consumption.


Evolving towards a decarbonized and more sustainable economy implies a commitment to innovation and competitiveness. A system made up of photovoltaic modules feeding electrical heating elements can, for example, produce 100% of a company's hot water needs, even during  winter. Among its performances, it can also heat other fluids with much higher boiling points than water, such as thermal oil.


The installation of photovoltaic panels on our headquarters has been carried out by Energía Independiente solar energy operator. At Electricfor we cannot but celebrate this change. It means a new action in our aim to defend a whole series of fundamental values​​: Respect, Commitment and Team Awareness.


As part of our commitment to be a sustainable company, we believe that together we can achieve a better world. Taking steps that support a greater global ecological awareness and help to eradicate climate change problems with renewable energy is no longer an option, but an urgent necessity.


Electricfor supports sustainability by giving a twist to its electricity consumption