Peace at home is the best gift ever (16/12/2022)

One more year, Electricfor wants to go beyond the manufacture of electrical heating elements and support a good cause. Thanks to the efforts of humanitarian associations, we can reach out to those who face the worst adversities in the most inaccessible corners. This is the third year in which we collaborate with Doctors Without Borders so that their action reaches where it is most needed. Every little counts, and we still want to contribute as much as we can. It is really necessary.


As this video that we show you now says, on these dates peace at home is the best gift ever. Those who suffer the horror of war are the ones who know this fact better. For this reason, we feel grateful for being able to help a Nobel Peace Prize-winning entity, which allocates, always independently, more than a third of its medical-humanitarian assistance to people affected by armed conflicts, as one of its priorities.


Doctors Without Borders has just turned half a century old. Along all this time, it has not stopped saving lives and providing professional support thanks to the financing of private entities like ours. Specifically this year, for example, its work in the war in Ukraine is being fundamental. The emergency fund has made it possible to launch a medicalized train to transport patients from overloaded hospitals to others with more capacity, far from the front line. Sending essential supplies and medicines, providing surgical care, strengthening the mental health of the displaced, advising on a massive influx of victims in assistance centers... What they do is so important that any support, as small as it is, has an infinite value.


And not only in Ukraine. Also in Yemen, South Sudan, Niger, Mali... The social fabric they have built reaches where many calamities are not news but are still terrible. The principles that move them are the ones that have moved us for yet another year: assisting those who need it, whoever they are and wherever they are, whether in a basement under bombardment, in a makeshift hospital or about to cross the barbed wire, before a border where everything, absolutely everything, is left behind. The wars are there, as if they were a television turned on that nobody watches, during a banquet surrounded by garlands. It is important to stand and stare.


With all our best wishes and knowing that another world is possible, we hope you enjoy every second of this Christmas in good company.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, on behalf of the entire Electricfor team.

Peace at home is the best gift ever