Demand for steam superheaters rises in the global industry (08/03/2023)

The global industry demands more and more steam superheating equipment for use in different power generation systems. This is because by converting saturated steam to superheated steam, they help improve energy efficiency while increasing production. Why do this occur? Because saturated steam has a greater heat transfer capacity and allows much more precise temperature control.


The saturated vapor is in equilibrium with the liquid from which it has evaporated. Its temperature and pressure make it unable to absorb more heat without condensing. However, when the steam has been heated above the saturation temperature, it contains more thermal energy. In the overheating process, the risk of condensation at high pressure is reduced, reaching temperatures of 610ēC (1130ēF) and pressures of 250 bar (3626 PSI).


Electricfor, as experts in electrical heating elements for all types of applications at an international level, manufactures and markets this type of advanced technology equipment. The design of our electric superheaters has been optimized to achieve a magnificent space/power ratio and thus improve the performance of industrial facilities. The materials used are special alloys to withstand high pressures, high temperatures and environmental corrosion.


And how does an electric superheater work? The saturated steam enters the superheat section of the steam generator, where it is heated using our electrical heating elements as an additional heat source. As additional heat is added, the temperature of the steam increases, but its pressure does not change, resulting in high-temperature superheated steam.


Electrical steam superheating is frequently used in specific processes where greater precision and temperature control is required. For example, as a means of propulsion in steam turbines to generate electricity in thermoelectric plants. Also in compressors driven by turbines or pumps, such as gas compressors or cooling towers.

Demand for steam superheaters rises in the global industry