Generate Heat Sustainably: Electricfor at the Net Zero Tech Fair (14/06/2024)

Electricfor presented its innovations in electric heating at the Net Zero Tech Fair to companies aiming to advance towards decarbonization.

In the industry, heat generation is essential for a wide range of processes, from fluid heating and steam generation to material drying and chemical reactions. Additionally, there is a need for facility climate control to ensure people’s comfort. Industrial decarbonization seeks to eliminate the use of fossil fuels such as gas, oil, and coal as energy sources. In this context, electrification of the industry emerges as a key strategy to move towards more sustainable production.

Electricfor, a leading manufacturer of electric resistors, offers sustainable, efficient, and economically viable solutions for heat generation required in industrial production processes and climate control needs.

Innovation and Energy Efficiency

Electric resistors offer greater efficiency in converting electrical energy to thermal energy, surpassing traditional methods that rely on fossil fuels. Thanks to advanced control and monitoring techniques, such as smart connectivity, they enable the industry to be more energy-efficient.

Gradual Transition

Electric resistors can be part of hybrid systems that combine renewable and conventional energies, allowing for a smoother transition to fully decarbonized operations.

High-Power Heaters and Modular Solutions

Electricfor has developed and introduced high-power heaters that are ideal for industrial processes requiring high thermal power.

Modular solutions allow combining multiple heaters to reach the necessary maximum power, scaling according to the available green energy and facilitating future expansions. The modular design and generator control allow users to precisely regulate electrical consumption, adapting to the specific demands of each process.

Our electric heating solutions are more efficient and sustainable, a safe bet for a greener future. Contact us and see how we can help transform your industrial processes towards a more sustainable and efficient model.

Generate Heat Sustainably: Electricfor at the Net Zero Tech Fair