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Electricfor and its Electric Heating Elements in the Iran Oil Show (24/08/2016)

The 21st Oil Show was held between 5 and 8 May. Electricfor, together with its representative in the area, Mabna Pisheh, presented the full range of products and electric heating elements available for all its customers.

In the Iran Oil Show, one of the most important fairs in its sector worldwide, all developments related to technology and industry developing in the Islamic Republic of Iran and other countries in the world in relation to the sector of gas and the petro chemistry are presented. Recent developments in the fuel industry and related to global technical services are also shown.

Electricfor’s and Mabna Pisheh’s presence and its range of products, which include its electric heating elements, is the answer to the nature of the fair in which are represented major sectors such as technology, new equipment fuel production and processing equipment for firefighting, heat exchangers, waste treatment, production and packaging of water, absorption systems sound, or pollution monitoring equipment.

The Iran Oil Show is an excellent opportunity for cooperation in addition to the great prospects offered in terms of attracting new contracts and customers.

For further information about Electricfor's range of products and electric heating elements, do not hesitate to contact its sales department.

Electricfor and its Electric Heating Elements in the Iran Oil Show