ELECTRICFOR is a Spanish company with a long history, founded in 1974 by the visionary Forgas brothers. However, its roots date back to the distant year 1917. Since then, it has evolved and prospered in the competitive industrial world.

Located in the Can Alzamora de Rubí industrial estate, our plant extends over a 4,000 m² space, strategically located in one of the most technical areas in Europe. We pride ourselves on being connected to Barcelona by three motorways and being equidistant from three important Catalan industrial cities: Terrassa, Sabadell and Martorell. Our location, on the edge of the large productive area of Llobregat, gives us an unbeatable advantage.

At Electricfor , we enthusiastically dedicate ourselves to the manufacture of tubular electric heating elements and electrical heating equipment. Over time, our range of industrial products has grown continuously, offering a wide range of standard and custom items related to the industrial world. Our main feature is the ability to offer customized designs and tailor-made solutions, meeting the specific needs of our clients.

To achieve all this, we have a solid technical and innovation team. At Electricfor , we understand that innovation is the driving force of the future, both for companies and countries. That is why we constantly strive to be at the technological forefront and keep looking for new solutions.

Our commitment to excellence and constant effort is reflected in the consolidated sales figure, which oscillates around 9,000,000 euros. Behind this success is a dedicated staff of more than 80 people, whose passion and professionalism strengthen Electricfor 's journey every day .

These highlighted aspects consolidate us as a leading company within the industrial sector and project us towards a promising future, characterized by balanced growth. We pride ourselves on having a human and professional team committed to the company, whose work is supported by a solid financial base, fostered by our valuable shareholders.

At Electricfor , we are prepared for the future and we fully trust our ability to successfully face the obstacles of competition and any other challenge that may arise. The passion for innovation, the commitment to our clients and the dedication of our team propel us towards a prosperous tomorrow full of achievements.

History Mr. Eduardo Forgas, founder of Electricfor
History Facilities in Rios Rosas street, Barcelona city, year 1945
History Laboratory, year 1997
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