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ELECTRICFOR SA , is a company specialising in the design, manufacture and marketing of electrical heating resistors and accessories. The company implements, at its site in Rubí (Barcelona), a quality, environmental and occupational risk prevention policy, which is appropriate to the company's mission, its purpose and situation and which supports its strategic orientation by:
* Satisfying the needs of customers and stakeholders requirements while complying with legal requirements. At the same time, the company seeks to meet the highest standards of quality, environmental protection and occupational risk prevention through the consistent practice of a philosophy of continuous improvement.
* Supplying quality products, made using certified materials, at a competitive price and by providing appropriate technical and commercial support and by reducing delivery times. and proposing innovative solutions.
*Aiming to achieve excellence in management of internal processes.
* Making the most of the information and resources available, minimize the impact of breakdowns and non-conformities through the implementation of management techniques appropriate to each of the different activities.
* Promoting the professional and personal development of the members of the company through training, promotion and delegation of management in each area of operation.
* Monitoring the use and transformation of materials, as well as cooperate with suppliers and customers to work together to improve quality and increase the use of environmentally- friendly products, in accordance with current legislation.
* Reducing costs of non-quality, accidents at work, environmental pollution and energy consumption by adopting the best technologies available, provided they are economically viable.
* Establishing, implementing, maintaining and continuously improving the Quality, Environmental and Occupational Risk Prevention Management System by supplying the resources required, which provides a frame of reference to establish viable objectives using appropriate indicators ensuring adequate process performance and which ensures customer satisfaction.
* A management style, which is based on the values of the company, and which allows us to achieve the goals mentioned above 
* Communication of this policy aims to spread awareness across the company, to make it accessible and to ensure its application, especially to the people who work under it. The policy will be documented, will be reviewed periodically and will be updated when required.
ELECTRICFOR SA makes this policy available to all relevant stakeholders and it may be accessed on our website

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