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The immersion heaters are designed to heat in direct contact with the fluid: water, oil, viscous materials, acidic and basic solutions, etc.

As all heat is generated inside of fluid, it's possible to reach the maximum energetic efficiency.

In the absence of distorting elements, control the process temperature can be very tight.

The immersion heaters can have many different types of coupling to the tank where are installed: through plug, with "nipples", with flange, submerged heaters, etc.

It's possible to use electric heating elements to heat any kind of fluid, from water to corrosive solutions, oils, highly viscous fuel oils, steam, etc. We may also use immersion heaters for work in hazardous areas and flameproof (ATEX), or process industry with working pressures above 40 bar.

Apart from the extensive stock of Electricfor, we can manufacture any kind of heater to suit the needs of the plant.

Electricfor has a huge variety of immersion heating elements, available in stock for immediate delivery.

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Immersion heaters
Immersion heaters
Immersion heaters
Immersion heaters