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Electric Heating Elements in Incoloy®-825 heaters (30/01/2017)

The present year edition for Electricfor's product catalogue - an electric heating elements specialist - includes some new features among which stand out the Incoloy®-825 heaters with coupling plug.

Such heaters are formed by Incoloy®-825 stainless steel alloy tubular elements of 8mm thick. They also include threaded stamped brass heads and protective caps of self-extinguishing polyamide thread models of 1", 1" 1/4, 1" and 2 1/2" with an IP-40 degree of protection against moisture.

Optionally, all models with 1" 1/4, 1"1/2 and 2" screw plugs can be supplied with an IP-66 aluminium junction box.

They are commonly applied to knife sterilisers, slaughterhouses or to the heating of unsanitary water.

The electric heating elements of these heaters are welded with silver alloy. In addition, upon request, they can be tailor-made according to specific needs:

-    Tubular elements in AISI 316L, Incoloy-800® and Titanium
-    Stainless steel or Titanium heads

For further information about Incoloy®-825 heaters, you can contact Electricfor's sales department.

Electric Heating Elements in Incoloy®-825 heaters