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ATEX Certified Heaters with Electric Heating Elements (17/04/2017)

With the aim of providing service to the mining, refining and petrochemical sectors, Electricfor offers its customers these hot air heaters designed with electric heating elements that adapt to potentially explosive atmospheres, where they develop its primary activity.

Main Features of the FUH Range

Hot air heaters, which belong to the so-called FUH range, are the perfect solution for spaces where it is necessary to have equipment that offers a high heating capacity since they are located in environments with potentially explosive atmospheres.

For this reason, they have been duly certified to be used in environments classified as Zone 1 and Zone 2 in the ATEX Directive, and in flammable atmospheres belonging to the IIA, IIB or IIC groups.

Regarding its general characteristics, it stands out the presence of a liquid heat exchanger that provides an air of high efficiency and protection in the event of high temperatures. There is also the possibility of regulating the angle of the slats for the air outlet and the option of having an integrated room temperature control thermostat.

The heating elements included are tubular and are made of resistive alloy wire, compact magnesium oxide and a tubular sleeve in stainless steel Incoloy 825.

For further information and technical specifications about air heaters with electric heating elements belonging to the FUH range, you can contact Electricfor's sales department.

ATEX Certified Heaters with Electric Heating Elements