Design Team

The experience of 100 years of manufacturing heating elements has taught us that some systems don’t work because the elements don’t contribute enough heat, there is bad regulation or none at all, the materials used aren’t the most appropriate ones, with the consequent risk of defects in the elements, etc. On the other hand, we find systems that are overly large and the consequences of such: more energy consumption than required, systems that are too inertial, etc. All of these factors lead to increased costs in your production system and even to halts in manufacturing.

At Electricfor S.A., we know that communication between customer and manufacturer is fundamental for satisfying needs as far as functioning, quality and price are concerned. Therefore, our team of Sales Technicians, together with the client, takes stock of the situation and decides how to approach it and solve the “problem”. At the same time, the sales technicians work side by side with the Technical Office and the R+D department, improving the final product to the maximum.

We know that the Universal Solution doesn’t always exist, but for Electricfor, customer service is first, that’s why our Technical Office has great flexibility with the mass produced products, and if we cannot adapt ourselves to what has been requested, our R+D department will create and design the product that best meets your requirements.

Continuous market research and development of new products and processes (know-how) ensures that our team will always be up-to-date in new technologies in order to be able to transmit them and incorporate them into the products we offer you.