Electricfor assures in its heating elements manufacturing process the maintenance of the standards of design applied. For our standardised products, the following systematic controls are carried out among others.

Class I elements

           • Power: +5% -10%
           • Dielectric strength: 1250 V - 1 min.
           • Leakage current: 0,75 mA / kW (max. 5 mA)
           • Dimensions: General according IT15

Class II elements

           • Power: +5% -10%
           • Dielectric strength: 500 V - 1 min In event of a basic insulation in normal use with a safety extra low voltage
                                               1000 V - 1 min for any basic insulation
                                               2750 V - 1 min for a supplementary insulation
                                               3750 V - 1 min for a reinforced insulation
          • Leakage current: 0,25 mA
          • Dimensions: General according IT15

In products of special manufacture, the control parameters are personalised from the design according to the needs of each case.

In compliance with these chapters, the measures required by the norm are carried out under normal functioning temperature. Electricfor carries out measures at the highest temperature admitted by each product. One needs to take into consideration that if a sufficient extraction of heat of the resistance isn't guaranteed, it can exceed the maximum temperature and melt or deteriorate. To make sure that the element, once installed on the final heater, keeps on fulfilling the EC norm you will only need to measure the temperatures of the seal and sheath in all the situations likely to occur, whether during normal use, abnormal functioning or during overheating, and check that it remains within the limits of utilisation of the product. It is specially advised to study the functioning without a product to heat, for example without ventilation or without being immersed in water, depending on the products. It necessary takes the adequate measures in order to avoid the resistance functioning in such conditions and inform the user of the precautions to take.