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Electricfor's Electric Heating Elements Present in Bangalore, India (19/04/2017)

For five years now, Electricfor has its own subsidiary in India: Electricfor Heating Systems India, which designs and manufactures heating equipment at its Bangalore plant and includes in its catalogue the same range of products, designs and technology developed by Electricfor Spain.

The primary focus of Electricfor India's strategy is the local Indian market, formed by national companies, but with a marked international sense, and by foreign corporations already established in India.

The profile of these companies belongs to the engineering and industrial machinery sector mainly, as well as to industries such as the hydraulic one, gas and petroleum, refrigeration or renewable energy.

Like Electricfor Spain, Electricfor India has an active division of large projects, which has as its primary objective the control of all the fabrication process, the installation, the startup and the maintenance of its entire range of products. That is why among its missions there is the one of giving its products an exceptional value and adapt them to the needs of its clients for them to appreciate them as a sign of excellence in quality.

Moreover, it also has a national network of sales and services and extensive logistical support.

For further information about Electricfor India, you can check the following link and contact its commercial department: