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Cartridge Type Electric Heating Elements (09/05/2017)

The cartridge type electric heating elements are characterised by their cylindrical shape and by showing their connections to the outside, of which its primary function is heating metal blocks. As a general rule, depending on the type of construction, we can distinguish between high-density cartridges and low-density cartridges.

In the case of Electricfor, the cartridge electric heating elements are high density and built on AISI 321 stainless ground and calibrated steel tubes, which have a welded bottom and stagnation that can withstand a pressure of up to 60 kg/cm2.

Within its catalogue, Electricfor offers the following range of elements to its customers:

-    CFOR high-density electric heating cartridges
-    TH high-density electric heating cartridges
-    Monotube cartridge heaters of great length

Regarding their primary applications, and as we have already mentioned at the beginning, this type of electric heating elements are destined to the heating of metal blocks and liquids, to the packaging and the aluminium industries, as well as in plastic injection processes, among other.

For further information or budget request for this kind of items, you can contact Electricfor's sales department.

Cartridge Type Electric Heating Elements