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Lastest news about electric heating elements

Safety Valves for Steam, Gases and Liquids

Electricfor, a specialist in the design and manufacture of electrical heating elements, includes one in its product section devoted to the control and regulation of temperature in various fields of action.

One of them is, for example, a fluid system where the control and regulation of it is essential to avoid mechanical damage to equipment and the environment, a...

Silicone Electric Heating Elements

Within the range of flexible electric heating elements designed and manufactured by Electricfor we find the Super For-Flex made from silicone material.

With an approximate diameter of 4 mm for all lengths, this type of electric elements have greater insulation, less load and a much more robust quality than usual....

Electricfor Celebrates 100 years as a Manufacturer of Electric Heating Elements

100 years ago, Electricfor started its activity as a manufacturer of small electrical appliances and electric heating elements. Today, the commitment it acquired with all its customers since the very beginning is still valid: to accompany them in all those projects that require the experience acquired by Electricfor in the industrial electro-thermal field.

CFOR Brand Name for the Electric Heating Elements by Electricfor

The brand name often defines the personality of a product. In the case of Electricfor, a specialist in the design and production of electric heating elements and heating equipment, the quality and strength of its components is evident in its trademark: CFOR.

CFOR is born as a response to the market demand for offering products that respond to specific...

Fan Heaters with Self-Regulating Electric Heating Elements

Variable temperature atmospheres require the use of products capable of maintaining a constant operating climate. To this end, Electricfor offers its customers the so-called PTC fan heaters and self-regulating electric heating elements.

These fan heaters are highly useful for achieving an adequate and stable environment, which is essential...