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Lastest news about electric heating elements

Self-regulating Electric Heating Elements

The self-regulating electric heating elements by Electricfor, manufacturer of heating elements and heating equipment, are based on PTC heating elements.

PTCs are small ceramic stones with a self-limiting temperature. Such stones may have various forms. Ceramics, in turn, triggers an ohmic rise in the heating element that causes a decrease in the heating power and a self-limiting on temperature.

Flexible Electric Heating Elements

Electricfor presents its customers flexible electric heating elements, designed and produced to be applied to many different fields.

Electricfor's flexible electric heating elements classify into five distinct groups:

  • FORFLEX flexible electric heating elements, insulated with silicone elastomer and waterproof.
  • FORFLEX flexible...

Electric Heating elements for Air Heaters

Electricfor, with a large experience of 92 years manufacturing electric heating elements, offers its customers its heating elements for air heaters that can be directly applied to various industrial fields.

Electricfor's electric heating elements for air heaters can be designed and implemented in a standard way to be used in all types of pipes or ovens.


Electric Heating Elements of Inmersion

Electricfor, designer and producer of electric heating elements and maintenance equipment, with a market experience of over 92 years, continues promoting and improving the design of its heating elements of immersion.

Our design expertise makes our R+D team to keep abreast of market developments and the continued development of products demanded by the customer. This brings us to the continuous...

ELECTRICFOR in ARH Orlando Trade Fair

Electricfor will be exhibiting in the ARH Orlando Trade Fair its product range, electric heating elements and electric heating units, for the refrigeration and air conditiong industries. Applications: defrosting, duct heaters, water heating and HVACR systems