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New Range of Electric Heating Elements for the Wine Sector (16/10/2017)

Within the Electricfor's catalogue, we can find an extensive range of electric heating elements that can be applied to very diverse sectors. Today, we present a new range specially designed to provide optimised solutions to the production process of the wine sector.

The numerous processes that must be carried out since the collection of the grape to the final bottling of the wine require efficient solutions regarding energy to help its producers to maintain unchanged the characteristics that define the personality of each wine.

To this end, Electricfor makes available to customers belonging to this sector immersion heaters and tank heating blankets, getting adapted to the specific needs of each of them.

Immersion Heaters

The primary function of immersion heaters designed and manufactured by Electricfor is the heating of liquids. In the case of the wine sector, also, it would facilitate the process of fermentation of white wines (to be maintained between 10 and 20 °C), as well as red wines (with temperatures higher than 20 and 30 °C).

This type of heaters are made of stainless steel AISI 316L and are characterised by their total tightness, which favours the immersion of the electric elements in the fermentation tanks of the food industry.

Moreover, these electric elements are armoured and have single-ended power, available in Class I and Class II construction according to the needs of the customer.

Among this range of heaters specially designed for the wine sector, we find the following:

-    High-power immersion heaters, EPV-GP range
-    Class I immersion monotube heaters, EPV-C1 range
-    Class II immersion monotube heaters, EPV-C2 range
-    Cup type immersion heaters, C-range

The tank heating blankets

For the oenological application, tank heating blankets are ideal for the implementation of heat quietly and efficiently. A whole range of blankets (the AFCCB) with unique features and designed explicitly for gentle heating of delicate materials such as wine.

On the other hand, the so-called tank jackets from the AFCHA range have been designed to be used immediately after the heating of oenological samples.

For more technical information and general characteristics of each of the elements within this extensive range of electric heating elements for the wine sector, you can check the following attached file and contact with Electricfor's sales department to solve all your doubts.

New Range of Electric Heating Elements for the Wine Sector