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Electricfor's Electric Batteries at Miņano Technology Park (26/11/2018)

The Miñano Technology Park (Alava), considered one of the best energy storage laboratories in southern Europe, houses a new test and prototyping room for thermal storage since November 15th, in which two sets of electric batteries designed and manufactured by Electricfor have been installed.

These battery packs are installed in two thermal loops - oil and air - and provide automated management and continuous fluid handling and monitoring of a wide range of flows. The primary objective of such thermal loops is to test high-temperature components and thermal storage systems for industrial processes and/or renewable energies.

Industrial processes and renewable energies are precisely two of the industries to which Electricfor's product catalogue is addressed, offering in each of its projects the safety, development and necessary maintenance to carry them out successfully.

For further information about this type of electric batteries designed and manufactured by Electricfor, please contact its sales department.