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Flexible Electric Heating Elements for the Defrost Range (19/12/2018)

Electricfor, with armored electric heating elements for defrosting, leads the national industrial refrigeration market, being present among the main manufacturers in the sector. To this end, it offers a wide range of flexible tubular heaters specially designed to obtain a top quality product, the so-called Defrost Range.

Heaters with a wide range of possibilities

All the heaters in the Defrost Range are designed and manufactured with the customer's main needs in mind. They are manufactured in Incoloy®-800 and Incoloy®-825, AISI-321, AISU-316 stainless steel and copper.

In addition, the elements used for this application are encapsulated in their extremes with silicone or neoprene finishes to guarantee watertightness (IP67). The heater load of the heating part is calculated according to its application, location and working conditions; therefore, it is essential to design and manufacture together with the customer.

In terms of applications, the Defrost Range heaters are used in industrial refrigeration, cold and freezer chambers, or heating for pipes and tanks with armored elements, among many others.

For further information about Electricfor's Defrost Range flexible heating elements, please contact its sales department.