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Electric Heating Elements for Air and Water Heating in Climatización y Refrigeración 2019 (04/03/2019)

Electricfor's electric heating elements for air and water heating were present at Climatización y Refrigeración 2019, the International Exhibition of Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation, Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration located at Ifema Madrid, from 26 February to 1 March.

Tecnova Piscinas, Siga and Genera, in which Electricfor was also present, were also held simultaneously with Climatización y Refrigeración.

What is Climatización y Refrigeración?

C&R is an international show where the most advanced air conditioning market solutions are presented, and an overview of the industry is provided through novelties introduced by more than 375 companies. These novelties include innovation in related technology, optimisation and installation control, equipment design, new refrigerants, energy cost reduction and environmental care.

On the other hand, Genera is the international trade fair for energy and the environment; while Tecnova Piscinas and Siga are closely related to technology and innovation in swimming pools and water management.

The primary objective of all these shows is to capture the attention and interest of its participants in technological innovation, energy efficiency and the environment.

Electricfor Product Applications

Electricfor's main product is used at all the fairs mentioned above, which, as we have already said, have featured its presence:

-    At Climatización y Refrigeración, air-water heating and defrosting.
-    At Tecnova Piscinas, water heating.
-    At Siga, water heating.
-    At Genera, air, gas and water heating. Engineering related applications as well.

For further information and details about Electricfor products and applications, please contact its sales department.