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Charging Stations with Electric Heating Elements for Electric Vehicles (29/04/2019)

Recently, Electricfor has completed the manufacture of two complete sets of charge stations with electric heating elements for a leading company in the smart charging sector for electric vehicles. The design proposed by the client has been validated by our engineering department (usually Electricfor designs its own charging stations).

Precisely, and thanks to Electricfor's long experience in the renewable energy sector, it has been possible to carry out this project whose main objective is to test the electric charger with an electric charge station in a laboratory.

What is a charging station?

A charging station is a unit incorporating an internal alignment of shielded electrical elements with a built-in fan to air them and remove the internal heat produced inside.

This charging station is powered by 180 kW and the heating elements inside can work under a voltage of 1,000Vdc.

It is therefore a very interesting project that shows, once again, Electricfor's commitment to renewable energy, and with the boom in the production and launch of new electric cars.

For further information about this project and the equipment that is part of these charging stations, you can consult with Electricfor's sales department.