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Electric Heating Elements for Bitumen Transport (22/07/2019)

For bitumen hot transport by road, rail and ship, special containers are required to ensure that the right temperature is maintained by heaters approved and complying with ADR and CSC standards.

Electricfor manufactured 4 heaters with electric heating elements, and a 30.000W power capacity each, with the aim of keeping the bitumen heated in 20" containers for transport.

These containers have a capacity of 29,500 liters and, optionally, two combustion chambers at their ends. In them the aforementioned heaters have been installed to maintain the temperature of 150ºC. Each heater is 5.5 metres long and made entirely of stainless steel. They also have a thermal space that insulates the connections from temperature.

For greater protection against outdoor exposure, the junction box is manufactured with IP66 protection.   

If you need further information about the special transport equipment designed and manufactured by Electricfor, please do not hesitate to contact its sales department.

Electric Heating Elements for Bitumen Transport
Electric Heating Elements for Bitumen Transport