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Electricfor's Indian subsidiary receives the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate for the manufacture of its electric heating elements (30/11/2020)

Electricfor affiliate in Bangalore Electricfor Heating Systems India has just received the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate. This standard constitutes one of the best guarantees that can support the design and manufacture of their electric heating elements, as it is the basis of the Quality Management System worldwide.

It is an international standard whose objective is to achieve that companies can carry out an effective system to manage and improve their products or services. Complying with it reflects keeping up to date with best management practices. Quality and trust are expressed in a unique way through ISO 9001: 2015 as this is the only specific non-sector certification standard for quality management systems. Customer satisfaction and the generation of compatible products and services are among its most important objectives.

Tüv India is one of the leading inspection and certification organizations in the Asian country. It has been in charge of monitoring the quality management that Electricfor Heating Systems India performs throughout the manufacturing process of its heating elements. Over the last eight years, our plant located in Bangalore has become a benchmark for local Indian manufacturing thanks to its projects for the hydraulic, gas, oil and renewable energy sectors. Now, by obtaining the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate, it further consolidates its competitiveness within the global market.

The new certificate obtained applies to the fields of design, manufacture and service of industrial heating equipments and its allied products. In order to demonstrate constantly Electricfor India's ability to produce electrical resistors that meet all applicable legal and regulatory requirements, it will be subject to regular surveillance audits, thus meeting customer’s changing expectations.

Generally speaking, quality management systems optimize production and service processes, and their most valuable result is an increase in efficiency. Well implemented and based on the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, they minimize the potential risk for clients. The best-practice principles that they encompass mark the companies' commitment to continuous improvement.

They therefore involve many advantages, among which are a greater participation and a greater commitment by its leadership, the establishment of a framework for performance improvement and achieving an improved level of employee awareness. Also a better understanding of customer expectations. How? For example, integrating, as a requirement, the focus on processes and a risk-based thinking, or incorporating in all activities the PDCA method (Plan-Do-Check-Act).

Electricfor also ensures that the design standards applied to its electrical heating elements are maintained through a series of systematic controls of the manufacturing process. You can consult them in our Quality section.

Electricfor's Indian subsidiary receives the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate for the manufacture of its electric heating elements