Electricfor gets involved in the production of hydrogen as a source of clean energy (17/01/2024)

At present, the consumption of hydrogen, as an alternative energy source, has increased in comparison to the use of fossil fuels. When used in combustion processes, it produces water as a byproduct instead of carbon dioxide (CO₂) and other air pollutants. For this reason, and because it is possible to produce it from renewable sources, it is said to contribute to the mitigation of climate change and the transition towards a more sustainable energy matrix.


When producing hydrogen industrially, electric heaters are an efficient and safe option, especially when it comes to applications that require results with a high level of purity. This is because electric heaters are cleaner and more eco friendly compared to combustion heaters, which emit gases derived from ignition and generate waste.


In the hydrogen production process, electric heaters use electrical energy to generate heat and apply it to reactors and other types of systems. In order for a whole series of chemical reactions to be carried out, such as steam reform or water electrolysis, it is necessary to reach very high temperatures. Electric heaters allow precise control of the degree of heat to be achieved. In addition, they offer a quick response to changes in demand.


As a company expert in the manufacture of electric heating elements and heating equipment, Electricfor has extensive experience in this type of technology. We design and manufacture guaranteeing the best possible response in applications that have to do with the achievement and treatment of hydrogen. Among them the following stand out:


- Heating reactors to decompose methane into hydrogen. Thanks to our electric heaters, a crucial part of this process is carried out. They allow the temperature necessary to produce a chemical reaction considered high risk to be reached and maintained in a controlled manner.


- Endothermic decomposition of ammonia for hydrogen production, a process in which the use of advanced temperature control methods is essential to improve efficiency and reduce the energy required.


- Production of ammonia from hydrogen and nitrogen by Haber-Bosch process. This is an essential method for agriculture since ammonia is used as the main ingredient in the manufacture of nitrogen fertilisers. Of course, the process to obtain it is usually energy intensive. To solve its negative contribution to global carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions, more sustainable production methods are being explored. The use of renewable hydrogen sources obtained through electric heaters is one of them.


- Sodium hydroxide tank heating, common in chemical manufacturing and processing industry. Electrical heaters are used to facilitate dissolution, adjust concentrations, control viscosity, or allow long-term storage without sodium hydroxide solidifying.


- Heating ammonia for various industrial purposes, such as specific chemical processes or refrigeration systems. Ammonia is toxic and corrosive, so it is vital to apply control systems to maintain temperature and pressure within safe ranges.


- Gas preheating to feed hydrogen and natural gas mixing turbines. Through these turbines, more efficient and sustainable electrical energy is produced. Among other advantages within this area, the use of our electric heaters allows us to adapt to different proportions of mixtures, improve the release of energy and avoid problems such as condensation or unwanted deposits.


For further information on the use of electric heaters in hydrogen production, do not hesitate to contact Electricfor. We have a wide range of industrial solutions with which we can adapt to the needs of each client.

Electricfor gets involved in the production of hydrogen as a source of clean energy