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Flexible Electric Heating Elements (15/04/2016)

Electricfor presents its customers flexible electric heating elements, designed and produced to be applied to many different fields.

Electricfor's flexible electric heating elements classify into five distinct groups:

  • FORFLEX flexible electric heating elements, insulated with silicone elastomer and waterproof.
  • FORFLEX flexible electric heating elements, insulated with fiberglass and with a high mechanical strength. They are supplied finished, semi-finished and rolled up.
  • Self-regulating heating cable with PTC elements in which the released heat is inversely proportional to temperature.
  • Flexible tubular heater with armoured items in a copper tube of 7 or 8 mm outside diameter, with protected connections with caps and driver outputs, protected with silicone.

They are widely applied to the following product ranges:

  • Heating pipes and tanks
  • Heating reactive vessels
  • Defrosting in chambers -> joints, doors, trays, drainpipes, anti-fog, and glasses, among others.
  • Heating mats
  • Heat maintenance in the pipes of hot water systems
  • Heating systems for agriculture
  • Low-temperature convectors
  • Heating hoses
  • Fluidization of high viscosity liquids
  • Snow release on roofs
  • Snow and ice melting on paths

For further information on Electricfor's flexible electric heating elements, please contact with its sales department.

Flexible Electric Heating Elements