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Self-regulating Electric Heating Elements (19/05/2016)

The self-regulating electric heating elements by Electricfor, manufacturer of heating elements and heating equipment, are based on PTC heating elements.

PTCs are small ceramic stones with a self-limiting temperature. Such stones may have various forms. Ceramics, in turn, triggers an ohmic rise in the heating element that causes a decrease in the heating power and a self-limiting on temperature.

The ohmic rise produces a self-regulating heating element. The temperature is preset and varies the power to maintain it automatically.

Consequently, PTC self-regulating electric heating elements provide a greater security due to the limitation of temperature; they are energetically efficient, accept any voltage from 12V to 240V, or tolerate temperatures of ± 5 ° C, among other features. Their design is very compact as they can be customised. Furthermore, they have a long durability.

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Self-regulating Electric Heating Elements