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Industrial Cast-in Circulation Heaters (21/12/2016)

Electricfor, an electric heating elements specialist for more than 92 years, adds to its catalogue a new product, the industrial cast-in circulation heaters for ATEX/IECEx hazardous areas and non-ATEX version.

The heating cast-in technology developed in these heaters provides a complete, reliable and accurate solution for those processes that require heating gases or liquids.

Operating principle

Cast-in heaters are formed by a cylindrical aluminium block which is heated. The fluid, either gas or liquid, flows through a helical coil that is subject to the aluminium block. Thus, heat is transferred accurately and efficiently to the fluid.

To minimise heat loss, the aluminium block is thermally insulated and protected by a casing. Also, the system is very flexible, allowing you to connect the heater in series or parallel depending on the energy requirements needed.


The benefits offered by this equipment are manifold:

-    Indirect heating
-    They are much cheaper than a conventional heater
-    Compact design with a smaller size
-    Accurate
-    Easy to clean
-    They operate at very high pressures
-    Wide standard range according to the flow and power

Also, they are offered in a standard version and for ATEX certification environments.


This type of heaters can be applied in the following industries:

-    Natural gas, butane, propane, N2, CO2, H2
-    Oxygen - exclusive designs
-    Hydrocarbons, solvents and paints
-    Sensitive fluids and gas applications
-    UHP and semiconductor applications
-    Agrifood - pasteurisation and sterilisation

Electricfor's heaters with electric heating elements are available for specific flows and processes that require certain energy methods. The range starts at 1.5 kW and can reach 32 kW. They are also available in 230V singles phase, and 400V-690V three phases.

For further technical information about the new industrial cast-in circulation heaters, you can consult the document the following link, where you will find more technical details about them.

Industrial Cast-in Circulation Heaters