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Immersion Electric Heating Elements for Galvanic Baths (26/08/2019)

Recently, Electricfor has manufactured 250 immersion units made up of immersion electric heating elements for a galvanic bath line. These immersion units, made of titanium and 316L stainless steel, have a 550 KW power.

What are galvanic baths?

Galvanic baths involve covering the surface of an aggressive material or liquid with a continuous, adherent and metallic layer in which the conductor is immersed in an electrolyte. This layer is called electrolytic coating.

One of the main objectives of electrolytic coatings is to increase resistance to corrosion, surface hardness or wear resistance, among others.


Main characteristics of Electricfor immersion units for galvanic engineering

Electricfor's galvanic immersion units are made of highly corrosion-resistant materials including titanium, Incoloy®, Teflon®, pyrex and porcelain.

In addition, they all feature a hermetic resin head with an IP67 degree of protection whose main objective is to prevent steam from penetrating chemical and electrolytic baths.

For any further information about immersion electric heating elements for galvanic baths, please do not hesitate to contact Electricfor's sales department.